About NewJerseyOnlineBetting.org

Online sportsbetting in New Jersey has attracted a huge number of fans and there are a large amount of sites that welcome bettors from this region. However not all the sites you see online offer a superior betting experience, in fact  some of them are downright disreputable and you could be putting your hard earned money and your personal data at risk if you wager with them.

How then do you choose a sportsbook that’s trusted and reliable? How can you be sure that the betting site you sign up with isn’t just after your deposit? Or that the software you are using is actually regulated and fair? That’s where we come in.

NewJerseyOnlineBetting.org is an online betting informational resource, guide and recommendation site, and we make sure that very sportsbook we promote to fellow New Jerseyans is one of the best around. Our team of betting experts has years of experience in the industry and we take the time to thoroughly evaluate what each site has to offer and the betting platform available. Only once a site has passed our intensive evaluation do we consider it worthwhile for other bettors, and the sportsbooks you see here are all ones we bet with ourselves.

Our Review Process

Reviewing sportsbooks might sound like a simple job, but if you know the ins and outs of the industry you’ll fast realise that it’s one that can take time and that needs to be done properly. Our reviewers have created a stringent evaluation system that allows them to test a site and check its strengths and weakness independently, and after a few weeks of wagering we come together and compare notes. Only the sites that every member of our team approves of are endorsed by us, as it’s our reputation on the line too if we promote a sportsbook that’s less than stellar.

Our Team

Comprised of a number of betting experts, some based locally in New Jersey and others across America and the rest of the globe, the team at NewJerseyOnlineBetting.org always has your best interests at heart. We have software and security specialists, those who have years of experience evaluating betting platforms and site interfaces and those who are well versed in checking bonuses and promotions and determining if the terms and conditions are realistic and fair. Our betting experts have extensive knowledge in a number of related topics and whether it’s the different betting markets, the way odds work or the different lines available, they know it all.

Our Aim

Its simple really, we aim to bring New Jersey bettors the very best sports betting sites online and to make sure that when you wager you only do it with those that are reliable and trustworthy. We want every NJ bettor to enjoy their betting experience and the sportsbooks to maintain their integrity and always offer exceptional betting opportunities. We hope to achieve that with this site and to keep the NJ betting community informed of any new developments that occur in the industry.

If you’d like to chat to us please feel free to get in contact, we are always looking for ways to improve our site and ensure New Jersey bettors have access to the best betting action online.