Darts Betting at its Best in New Jersey

While there is some debate on the matter, the most widely accepted story on where darts came from can be traced back to around the 1860s. It is believed to have originated from soldiers who threw short arrows at the bottom of a cask or tree trunk. As this wood dried some cracking would develop and these are speculated to be the inspiration for the section design of the modern day dartboard. As this pass time spread around the world, a conventional set of rules were chosen and a standard board design agreed upon.

This modernized version is the darts game we know today, and it also happens to have a very active betting community.

The World of Darts

While it is mostly thought of as a bar room game, darts has an extremely competitive sporting world. Watched by millions around the world, darts is a sport almost tailor made for betting. It is a constantly expanding environment, with many around the world joining in on the sport. And with all these people getting a piece of the action, including the legendary Phil Taylor, the time is great to join the millions of darts betting punters around the world.

American Darts Betting at its Prime

American darts is similar to traditional darts in many ways, with a few differences. The American dart board is made of basswood, using the end grain. Like the English version, the American dart board is separated by steel wires. However in American darts these wires are much thinner and are pressed into the surface of the board. There is also a different layout of scores, so the bulls eye is a single ring, with no inner and outer bulls eye, and the triple and double scoring rings are located on the outer layer of the board (double is a red line going around the board and triple is a thinner white line just further out than the double).

The darts are different too, as they are made of wooden barrels with turkey feathers and either extremely tempered steel or brass tips. They have a lead weight attached to the other end of the tip, moving the center of gravity to the middle and allowing for a smoother flight.

The rules for American darts are generally very similar to traditional darts, with a few necessary additions. The thin wires used have a tendency to slightly overlap between segments from time to time. In a case whereby a dart splits the separating wires, the points are given in favor of the player. So if a dart lands between the 20 and 1 segments, the player is awarded 20.

There are other differences between the two forms of darts, but we won’t get into them now.

American darts is not as popular internationally as the traditional game, or even within America itself. But there are a few cities whereby it is rather popular, and even surpasses the original. And one of the biggest of these is New Jersey. So the sport is a perfect online betting platform, especially in New Jersey. And now is the perfect opportunity for you to get in on it all.