The Best Online Totes in New Jersey

If you are new to the world of online horse racing betting, then you may be unfamiliar with the term totes. Totes are relatively easy to understand, and once you understand them, you are in for a very exciting and potentially rewarding betting experience. Totes is the term used to describe pooled bets, which are an alternate form of bets to the traditional pricing of horse racing betting. In tote betting, all bets of the same kind are pooled together. This means that all Place, Pot and Win bets are pooled together into a tote bet.

The odds for this type of bet are worked out by dividing the pool amongst the winning bets, in order to calculate a dividend. This calculated amount is then distributed amongst the winning bettors. By seeing the best online totes, you will get great advice on which totes will be offering the best odds and potential winnings.

On our site, we host a detailed comparative list of online horse racing sites and platforms that are available to bettors from New Jersey. These sites are of a high quality and offer bettor’s details and information on which totes are looking promising, making your chances of picking the best totes for your needs a breeze. Be sure to check out our list today to get in on the thrilling action of betting on totes.

Types of the Best Online Totes

There are a few different kinds of tote bets. You need to understand these terms before you can take advantage of tips on the best online totes. The different kinds of totes include Win or Place bets, where you bet on which horse will win, or which horses will place in the different positions at the end of the race. Other totes include Trifecta, Exacta, Place Pot, Quad Pot, Scoop Six and Jackpot bets.

These foreign terms might seem intimidating to bettors who are new to the world of online horse racing betting, but they are easy to understand with a good sports betting guide. The sites that we list offer you expert advice and sports betting guides, which will define and explain all of these new terms to ensure that you understand exactly what your options are when you get started in betting on the best online totes.

The Best Online Totes at NJ Sportsbooks

Because tote bets are pooled, they are particularly popular amongst beginners. This is because the best online totes guide beginners towards the most promising bets, making it easier for these inexperienced bettors to get in on a good bet. However, tote betting is enduringly popular amongst highly experienced bettors as well. This is because these tote bets are very exciting, with the specific odds not being revealed until the last bets have been placed. This keeps bettors on their toes.

Furthermore, betting on the best online totes can be very rewarding, as dividends can reach impressive heights and payouts from this type of bet can be enormous.

If you are a bettor from the State of New Jersey  check out our site today for a great list of online betting platforms that will guide you towards the best online totes.