The Best New Jersey Golf Betting Online

There is much speculation on the topic of golf’s origins. Most agree that the modern game of golf which we know today, came from 15th century Scotland, however the game has origins from much before that. While not certain, it likely came from an ancient Roman game called paganica, in which participants used a curved stick to hit a small leather ball. This would have then spread through Europe as Rome conquered most of the continent around first century BC. This is not certain however, as many theories have been put forward to explain the origins of the popular sport.

Golf Betting Chances

There are many golf games held throughout the year. Professionals are constantly competing in the ever changing sport. However as any sport, there are certain times to bet where the community is at its biggest. The main tournaments are generally referred to as the four majors. These include the Masters Tournament, which takes place in April, the US open, held in June, the Open Championship, which makes its way in July, and the PGA Championship, which is in August. All of these are huge tournaments, and perfect for golf betting purposes. And with the help of online and mobile betting New Jerseyans, can take get into the game, all from the comfort of your own home.

Variety of Golf Betting

The sport is very wide and very finicky. By doing your homework and knowing the golf players and the courses, golf betting can be very profitable. There are many aspects of a golf game or tournament which can be bet on. Some of these are;

Tournament winner bets: The most popular type of bet. This is because it is the easiest to place, as well as the most potentially profitable. One simply places a wager on who they think will be victorious at the end of the tournament, be it a major or not. Odds are constantly jostling as the players gain traction or otherwise. A bet placed on the right person, done at the right time, can be the most profitable bet type in all of golfing.

3 ball bets: This is also a bet on a specific person, but in a much smaller group. When a tournament starts, players are split into group of 3. These three will then compete simultaneously with each other and with everyone in the competition. A 3 ball bet is one placed on one of the players in a group of 3, but only for the competition between the 3. i.e. If one were to place a bet on player X to have the best game for a day in a group of players X Y and Z, and then X has the better game out of the 3, they get the payout.

Head to head bets: This is a bet between 2 players. The 2 are chosen by the punter, and can be very competitive or very obvious. If your choice beats the other player, you get the payout, which changes depending on the chosen 2.

These and many other forms of bet can be placed on a golf game. Online bettors have many opportunities to win in this sport, so now may be the perfect time to take advantage.