Online NHL Betting in New Jersey

The United States and Canada love ice hockey. In all states, including New Jersey, it has one of the fastest growing audiences in the USA, a significant achievement, considering the huge audience it already has. As of last year, the NHL gathered more viewers and sold out stadiums than the NBA. The Stanley Cup finals managed to gain over 6 million viewers.

With such a big following, it is a given that NHL betting would gather a huge online community. Huge numbers of punters indulge in the huge entertainment that is online sports betting, thanks particularly to their mobile phones. Now you can too.

The NHL Betting Season is Beautifully Structured

The National Hockey League games are being played all the time. From October to April the regular season is played. While these are simply ranking games to determine the top seeds of each conference, they are still popular enough to gain reasonably high stakes within the betting community. Once the Stanley Cup play offs start, the number of punters getting involved is virtually multiplied. As the season nears an end, the amount of bet placed and winnings won also reaches a crescendo. By the time the Stanley Cup final comes around, the stakes are as high as they get. Massive purses can be formed and the potential payout is enormous.

With the season being as competitive as it is, NHL betting is continuously active. This can be an extremely lucrative pastime, and thus the perfect opportunity for every bettor in New Jersey to get in on the action. It has never been easier, and can be done from the comfort of your own home.

NHL Wagering Variety

With such a constantly active ice hockey season, it is only natural that there would be many ways in which a wager can be placed. The most popular type of wager available with NHL betting is money line. This is the most basic form of NHL betting. One simply bets on the winner of a game. A bet can be placed on any of the three possible outcomes. These are a win for team A, a win for team B, or a draw. The odds are adjusted by the bookmaker if there is a favorite.

Another type of bet is the over/under wager. The bookmaker sets a total score, and punters bet on whether the combined score of the teams will be over or under that value. The payout is earned if they choose correctly.

Of rising popularity in NHL betting is the point spread bet. This is similar to money line, but with a set handicap. Basically the bookmaker sets a score handicap on the favorite. If team A is the favorite and team B is the underdog, for a bet on team A to pay out, they need to win by a certain amount of points. For a bet on team B to pay out, they need to win, draw, or lose by less than the score chosen by the bookmaker.

A future bet is simply betting on the overall winner of the tournament. It has a potential enormous payout, due to the unpredictable nature of the sport.

Prop bets are essentially bets which do not fit into the main categories. This can be almost anything, such as the first team to score, the last team to score, the highest scoring player, and many more.

It takes a good knowledge of the teams, the players, and the Cup to capitalize on NHL betting, as well as a touch of luck. But if it all comes together just right, it can be one of the most lucrative hobbies in the world.