NJ Cycling Betting

It is widely accepted that the first ever bicycle race was in 1862 and was a 1,200 meter rush through Parc de Saint-Cloud in Paris, France. The International Cycling Association (ICA) was formed in 1892, and replaced by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) in 1900 due to in fighting. By this time it was already rapidly gaining popularity, from regular observers and punters alike.

Cycling’s Popularity is Worldwide

Cycling racing is done everywhere. It’s one of the most internationally loved sports. When Lance Armstrong became successful, the popularity of the sport only grew in the United States. And despite his subsequent fall from graces the effect is still visible. Between the years of 2000 to 2010 the number of trips taken by bicycle in the US has more than doubled, moving from 1.7 billion to 4 billion within the decade.

With this popularity in the USA, it is unsurprising to note that punters are taking full advantage of the sport. With the utilization of online and mobile betting, now may be the ripest opportunity for New Jersey bettors to join in on the action.

Types of Cycling Races for Betting on

There are many forms of race in the cycling world. Some of these are;

Road racing: This can refer to many subsets of race including team and individual formats. It can refer to circuit races with set times, time trial races and grand tour races.

Track cycling: This refers to races taking place in set velodromes. The events can differ greatly, ranging from individual/team pursuits, to two man sprints, to other various group or mass start races.

Mountain biking: This refers to any form of off road cycling and is usually on some degree of a gradient. There are many forms of mountain bike racing, such as cross country, downhill, and marathon.

Punters can choose whichever form of cycling most strikes their fancy. And it can all be done from the comfort of your own home.

Cycling Betting Choices

Variety like this in a sport means many things, but one particular advantage is the huge amount of popular events to choose from, and potentially capitalize on. Here are some of the biggest in their respective cycling race forms;

Road racing: This is arguably the biggest racing format in cycling. Some of the largest events of the sporting year are within this category. Some of these include the Giro d’Italia, the Tour de Suisse, of course, the famous Tour de France.

Track cycling: Being perhaps the easiest category to place a wager on, this is a popular one for punters. Some of the biggest and most watched events in track cycling include the UCI cycling championships, and the Olympic Games.

Mountain biking: Possibly the toughest form of the sport, mountain biking also has recently gained the honor of being part of the Olympic Games. Now including the Olympic Games, the biggest events in this category also are the Cape Epic and the Iron bike, both of which are extremely trying on an athlete.

With this much choice and opportunity, it may just be your time to get in on the action of cycling betting, and join the ever growing community of New Jersey sports fans in winning big.